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New Sounds added in 2011!

Aerosound r/c is proud to be the sole distributor of the exceptional Benedini r/c aircraft sound systems for the U.S.A. and Canada.

These sound systems perfected by Thomas Benedini of Germany are truly remarkable. Many installations in electric powered aircraft have already been done, and the scale engine sound has to be heard to be believed.

Smaller ARF or large scale aircraft a Benedini sound system will make the difference between just another model and a model that looks and sounds like a real aircraft.

The TBS Mini digital sound units reproduce original recorded engine sounds at a 22,050 HZ sample rate for the highest in sound quality. The engine range covers starting, engine idle, acceleration, speed dependent engine sound, returning to idle and engine shut down. With many types of engine recordings to choose from you can add realistic sound to any R/C aircraft.

Two powerful amplifiers are available to give an incredible volume! Imagine the rumble of a V-12 Merlin as you taxi out to the runway or hearing the doppler effect on a flyby, it will give you chills.

Here is a recent customers project video,

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